Albanian Association of Earthquake Engineering

About Us

About Us

This organization is called: “Albanian Association of Earthquake Engineering (A.A.E.E) – Shoqata Shqiptare e Inxhinierisë Sizmike (S.S.I.S)”, and shortly named “A.A.E.E – S.S.I.S”

“A.A.E.E – S.S.I.S” is a non-political, independent legal entity that exercises its activity
independently of state organs and interests in accordance with the applicable Albanian


The organization “Albanian Association of Earthquake Engineering (A.A.E.E)Shoqata
Shqiptare e Inxhinierisë Sizmike (S.S.I.S)” is a membership association established by the free
will of its members.

The decision-making organ of the Association “A.A.E.E – S.S.I.S” is the General Assembly
of Members.


Territorial Expansion 

“A.A.E.E – S.S.I.S” conducts its activity without restriction throughout the territory of the Republic of Albania and abroad. The Organization may establish its branches in the city center or in any other administrative-territorial unit of Albania, at the same time it may establish branches or subsidiaries outside the territory of the Republic of Albania.



The duration of the activity of “A.A.E.E – S.S.I.S” is unlimited. The General Assembly of Members may decide upon the amendment, termination or closure of “A.A.E.E – S.S.I.S”. In this case, all applicable legal procedures apply.

About Us

Purpose and Objectives

1- The co-operation with the above mentioned International Associations, of which this Association is becoming a member according to their Statutes.
2- The co-operation with the National Members of these Associations, through information exchange, visits, etc.

3- The promotion of Scientific and Technological Developments and Applications in the field of Earthquake Engineering in our country, through research, publications, co-operation with Universities and other Institutions, by maintaining a library and archives of related subjects, by organizing conferences, seminars, lectures etc.

4- The official participation in International Conferences for Earthquake Engineering and the organization of similar events in Albania.
5- The participation in the revisions of the Albanian Code for Earthquake Resistant Design,
whenever necessary, and the contribution to earthquake risk mitigation, in general.
6- The advancement of the spirit of co-operation and the protection of scientific and professional status of its members.

7- The selection and appointment of the representatives to the I.A.E.E. and the E.A.E.E., and of the members for working groups of these Associations.

8- Preparing joint projects for extending the technical cooperation among its Members on earthquake engineering related topics.

9-  Conducting investigations and research within its objectives and activities by establishing task groups within the Association or through experts and consultants.

10- Organizing production and distribution of all kinds of gift items, informational and educational materials.

11- Receiving or giving donations and aids in accordance with the Law for Receiving Donations and Statutes.

12- Any other activity related to Earthquake Engineering from a scientific point of view (theoretical or applied), within the goals of the Albanian Chamber of Commerce, the I.A.E.E. and the E.A.E.E.


Rruga Rr. "Hysni Gërbolli", Zona Kadastrale 8310, kati 1, Tiranë, Shqipëri.

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(+355) 68 20 73 409


M-F: 9:00 - 17:00
S-S: Closed

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